Mountain Architecture: An Alternative Design Proposal
for the
Wy'East Day Lodge, Mount Hood Oregon

by Thomas P. Deering, Jr.


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Site Plan (150 KB)Drawing 1.Site Plan (150 KB)
Computer Drawn Site Plan (119 KB)Drawing 2.Computer Drawn Site Plan (119 KB)
Floor Plan: Dormitory Level (75KB)Drawing 3.Plan: Dormitory Level (75 KB)
Floor Plan: Upper Entry / Administration Level (66KB)Drawing 4.Plan: Upper Entry / Administration Level (66 KB)
Floor Plan: Dining / Lounge Level (52 KB)Drawing 5.Plan: Dining / Lounge Level (52 KB)
Floor Plan: Lower Entry / Skier Services Level (65 KB)Drawing 6.Plan: Lower Entry / Skier Services Level (65 KB)
South Elevation (73 KB)Drawing 7.South Elevation (73 KB)
East Elevation (67 KB)Drawing 8.East Elevation (67 KB)
West and North Elevations (60 KB)Drawing 9.West and North Elevations (60 KB)
Sections (104 KB)Drawing 10.Sections (104 KB)
Rendered Perspective (119 KB)Drawing 11.Rendered Perspective (119 KB)
Computer Drawn Underlay for the Rendered Perspective (98 KB)Drawing 12.Computer Drawn Underlay for the Rendered Perspective (98 KB)

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Master of Architecture Thesis
(M. Arch - University of Washington - 1986)

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