Mountain Architecture: An Alternative Design Proposal
for the
Wy'East Day Lodge, Mount Hood Oregon

by Thomas P. Deering, Jr.


This investigation of mountain architecture and the development of an alternative design proposal for the Wy'East Day Lodge has been a long one. Encouragement and support has come from many sides. I would like to thank especially the members of my committee, Galen Minah (chairman for the first year), Thomas Bosworth (chairman through the design and to completion), and Bob Albrecht, for their perseverance and always constructive criticism--criticism that brought me ever so much closer to developing a personal architectural ethic. I would also like to thank Brian Johnson, without whom the computer work would not have been possible; the members of the Thesis House, particularly Allison, Kevin, Mark, Laurance and Barbara; and my very dear friend Seyda Turk.

Resources for historical and programmatic information were many. Dick Spies of Broom Oringdulph O'Toole Rudolf & Associates (BOORA) in Portland provided the facilities program; Richard Shaffer of the Mount Hood National Forest loaned the Timberline Lodge Final Environmental Statement; and Dick Hoffman, also of the Mount Hood National Forest, tracked down and made available the photos of Underwood's original Timberline Lodge design studies. Drawings of Timberline Lodge, essential for the computer representations of the project were provided by the Forest Service office in Portland and Linny Adamson, curator of the Lodge. Many of the photographs in Chapters II and IV could not have been had without the cooperation of the librarians of the Oregon Historical Society and the University of Washington Northwest Collection.

A special thanks must also be given to John Yeon for helping to set the record straight on the events preceding the construction of Timberline Lodge. He also kindly furnished several photographs of his own work of that period.

Finally, I would like to express my deepest appreciation to my parents, for always being there, no matter how long it took, and for their loving support and inspiration.

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